[ANN] NTFS 2.0.6a for Linux 2.4.18

From: Pawel Kot (pkot@linuxnews.pl)
Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 17:27:17 EST

Hi all,

With much help from Anton, I backported the NTFS-TNG driver to 2.4.x Linux
kernel series. If you are afraid of running 2.5.x kernel, but you would
like to get all benefits of the new NTFS driver use this one.

It should have all features the driver for 2.5.x has -- only 2.5.x series
specific code was removed/altered.

The driver itself really looks to be stable, it survived all the run
tests, but if you have any problems running it, please, contact me or

You can download the patch for the vanilla 2.4.18 from:

I plan also to sync the patch with the 2.4.19pre releases but it may take
some time.


Pawel Kot <pkot@linuxnews.pl>
http://www.gnokii.org/ :: http://www.slackware.pl/
http://kt.linuxnews.pl/ -- Kernel Traffic po polsku

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