problems with 2.5.[9-13] on numa-q boxes hanging during boot

From: Patricia Gaughen (
Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 19:59:08 EST

2.5.[9-13] isn't booting on my hardware (8 proc numaq). It hangs during boot.
 The last message on the console is "INIT:". If I don't define
CONFIG_MULTIQUAD, it boot. But without CONFIG_MULTIQUAD I only have 4 procs.

I've put printks in the kernel but haven't gotten any closer to a solution
(cpu_idle() is called), also have tried kdb but it didn't help (it said that
the processes had no stack frame). If you have any suggestions for where to
go now in debugging this issue I'd greatly appreciate it.

Has anyone else had troubles with 2.5.[9-13] hanging during boot?

My config for 2.5.13 is attached.

Patricia Gaughen (
IBM Linux Technology Center

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