2.4.19-pre8 doesn't compile (missing skip_ioapic_setup)

From: Ben Castricum (root@cia.c64.org)
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 12:05:10 EST

Having a go at 2.4.19-pre8 gives me this error:

ld -m elf_i386 -T /usr/src/linux-2.4.19-pre8/arch/i386/vmlinux.lds -e
stext arch/i386/kernel/head.o arch/i386/kernel/init_task.o init/main.o
init/version.o init/do_mounts.o \
        --start-group \
        arch/i386/kernel/kernel.o arch/i386/mm/mm.o kernel/kernel.o
mm/mm.o fs/fs.o ipc/ipc.o \
         drivers/char/char.o drivers/block/block.o drivers/misc/misc.o
drivers/net/net.o drivers/media/media.o drivers/char/drm/drm.o
drivers/ide/idedriver.o drivers/cdrom/driver.o drivers/pci/driver.o
drivers/video/video.o \
        net/network.o \
/usr/src/linux-2.4.19-pre8/arch/i386/lib/lib.a \
        --end-group \
        -o vmlinux
init/main.o: In function `smp_init':
init/main.o(.text.init+0x59e): undefined reference to `skip_ioapic_setup'
arch/i386/kernel/kernel.o: In function `broken_pirq':
arch/i386/kernel/kernel.o(.text.init+0x3096): undefined reference to
make: *** [vmlinux] Error 1

Not using local io-apic makes the problem (and the feature) go away. This
is on a uni-processor system with SMP disabled. Full .config at



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