Re: 3c59x: LK1.1.17 gives No MII transceivers found

From: Kees Bakker (
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 04:33:07 EST

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Morton <> writes:

Andrew> It's just random debug code.
>> Is that also true for the "***WARNING*** No MII transceivers found!"
>> message?

Andrew> Not really. The driver shouldn't have gone looking for MII
Andrew> transceivers for a 3c900.

Andrew> I'll take a look, see if I can remember how the darn driver
Andrew> works. 3c59x is very much in "it works, don't futz with it" mode...

Andrew> Does the 3c900 actually work correctly?
>> I can't tell, because since it hangs at boot. That is, every kernel after
>> 2.5.7 that I could build, including 2.5.13. (I'm having those hda: lost
>> interrupt messages).

Andrew> Ouch. So 2.5.7 worked OK? What sort of controller and disks do
Andrew> you have?

The 2.5.7 worked reasonably well (for a few days, I think). Except that it
hung at one point and I decided to go back to 2.4.17. My plan was to try it
again with a newer kernel.

My system:
- MSI MSI K7T266 Pro, with an Athlon 1.3 GHz
- IBM Deskstar 60GXP, 40Gb using onboard IDE controller
- 3c900
- 3c905C
- Adaptec 2940
- Hauppauge Win/TV Theatre
- USB: Iiyama monitor, Dlink webcam

Shall I try to build with LK1.1.16?

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