Re: Can't Burn CDR's On 2.4.19pre8

From: Nox (
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 07:22:08 EST


I'm getting the same problem, thought it may be my new burner, i have a
log of the attempted burn and my kernel config at The error is almost the same thing, however
sometimes I tend to get an ultra/dma 33 error. Disabling DMA on
everything except disks in kernel config had no effect on that. This
error is not random however it occurs after 63488 bytes every time. This
is a brand new Teac 40x drive on a Abit VH6T which has a VIA IDE
Controller, its the only device on its channel and it reads fine. I'd
appreciate any input on this.

Ilya Kogan
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