Re: Hi is this critical??

From: Mark Veltzer (
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 09:16:10 EST

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On Monday 16 September 2002 16:47, Xavier Bestel wrote:
> Le lun 16/09/2002 à 15:37, a écrit :
> > yes, this is critical.
> > It means that your HD is going to break soon.
> Maybe these error messages should be a bit less cryptic for the
> uninitiated. Or is there a userspace utility to convert theses to
> luser-understandable messages ?

1. No user-space utility exists/will exist for that (it will only make
maintaince of the kernel a bigger problem than it is today as there will be a
need to sync the two systems and since messages change all the time and there
is no standard format for error message which is strictly adhered too then
this is a much bigger problem than you talk about).

2. The user who posted the question is under no circumstances a "looser"
(mind the oo instead of the u...). His question is very valid and the fact
that he read dmesg puts him way past any standard computer user.

3. I don't think it is appropriate to call him with such a name and it even
hurts kernel development as it makes him (and other people that are watching
the list) abstain from submitting questions. While some of the questions are
not the interest of this list they could be politely told so but we do NOT
want to lose the really interesting bits (some user with a special IDE setup
that does not work and will be afraid to report the messages he's getting on
the ground of being called a looser).

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