Linux 2.2.22

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 11:35:36 EST

o Fix HDLC bugs causing kernel printk warns (Pavel)

o 3ware IDE raid small update (Adam Radford)
o Fix incorrect comments (Solar Designer)
o Sanity check in isdn (Solar Designer)
o Type fixes for usb (Solar Designer)
o Vmalloc corner case fix (Dave Miller)

o Fix isofs over loopback problems (Balazs Takacs)
o Backport 2.4 shutdown/reset SIGIO from 2.4 (Julian Anastasov)
o Fix error reporting in OOM cases (Julian Anastasov)
o List a 2.2 maintainer in MAINTAINERS (Keith Owens)
o Set atime on AF_UNIX sockets (Solar Designer)
o Restore SPARC MD boot configuration (Tomas Szepe)
o Multiple further sign/overflow fixes (Solar Designer)
o Fix ov511 'vfree in interrupt' (Mark McClelland)

o Backport 2.4 neighbour sending fix (Chris Friesen)
o Fix a sign handling slackness in apm (Silvio Cesare)
o Fix a sign handling error in rio500 (Silvio Cesare)
o Indent depca ready for cleanups (me)
o Update VIA C3 recognition (Diego Rodriguez)
o Fix a sysctl handling bug (MIYOSHI Kazuto)
o Fix a netlink error handling bug in ipfw (Alexander Atanasov)
o 3ware IDE RAID update (Adam Radford)
o Note ioctl clash on 0x5402 (Pavel Machek)
o Typo fix (Dan Aloni)
o Update Riley's contact info (Riley Williams)
o Alpha ptrace fixes (Solar Designer)
o Multiple security fix backports (Solar Designer)
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