Re: Linux 2.5.35 xtime locking

From: Rolf Fokkens (
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 13:20:01 EST

On Monday 16 September 2002 13:52, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> This change results in a compile error in the ATM drivers:
Yep, There are even many other places where xtime is used which may result in
the same kind of compilation problems. Two possible solutions come to mind:

* Maintain both the ordinary xtime (timeval) and an xtime_nsec (timespec).
xtime may then be a timeval shadow value of xtime_nsec.
* Just fix it everywhere.

I cannot tell fore sure which option Linus prefers, but I think ...

Some places may even have other problems as well (e.g. ATM drivers): xtime is
a complex data type which needs read_lock / read_unlock, but there's no
locking in many places.
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