Debugging modules with kgdb - single stepping issues

From: Bhavana Nagendra (
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 13:45:13 EST


I'm not sure if kernel debugger issues are inappropriate on this
list, but I'd think most of you would have used kgdb at one time
or another.

I have a kgdb setup (kernel 2.4.18-5 patched with the 2.4.18 kgdb)
and I'm debugging a module. I notice that I can add break points,
and stop execution, however I'm not able to step into the code.
The module has been compiled with gdb symbols (-g). I've used the script to load the module. I'm using the gdb (5.2.1).

One thing to note though, is I'm debugging a DRM kernel module which
resides it's own Xfree tree. But it's a kernel module and I don't believe
that should be the problem.

Any thoughts? What am I missing? I'd appreciate any suggestions!

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