2.5.35 mouse and keyboard flakiness report

From: Matthew Harrell (lists-sender-14a37a@bittwiddlers.com)
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 15:42:23 EST

The same thing happens on 2.5.35 as on 2.5.3[3-4]

: Running the attached config on my HP Pavilion zt1195 laptop I get some strange
: keyboard and mouse behavior. First, when I first try to log into X the keyboard
: is a little wacky: alt behaves as Fn, m doesn't work at all, etc. It seems
: to go away after a bunch of key presses for no apparent reason. I do get
: this from the kernel log
: atkbd.c: Unknown key (set 2, scancode 0xbc, on isa0060/serio0) pressed.
: but that's about it. Then when X windows starts first my mouse buttons have
: been reversed from the normal left handed behavior and then when I try to
: cut and paste the cut motion never turns off so subsequent movements of the
: mouse just keep trying to select regions from that first window. Eventually
: I just have to reboot so I can actually work normally.

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