libaio 0.3.92 test release

From: Benjamin LaHaise (
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 21:12:19 EST

Hello folks,

I've just uploaded the libaio 0.3.92 test release to Most
notably, this release passes a few basic tests on ia64, and should work
on x86-64 too (but isn't tested). An updated kernel patch can be found
in /pub/linux/kernel/people/bcrl/aio/patches/testing/aio-20020916.diff
which uses the registered syscall ABI (no more dynamic syscalls), fixes
a bug in io_submit that allowed iocbs to be read from kernel memory
(that bug is not present in RH 2.1AS; the fix was lost in the 2.4.18
merge), fixes an occasional hang caused by timers not being unregistered
in io_getevents, and probably introduces a few other bugs. This is a
test release as I still have to split up the patches into -stable,
-alpha and -developement to prevent people from shipping experimental
code that was never meant to be used on production machines. In any
case, if people could give this a whirl and submit reports to, it would be appreciated. My hit list still
includes getting ARM, PPC, S/390, SPARC and m68k support merged into
libaio, so if anyone cares to provide patches, I'd appreciate it. Cheers,

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