Re: [PATCH] 2.4.19 fix for fuzzy hash <linux/ghash.h>

From: Rusty Russell (
Date: Tue Sep 17 2002 - 22:11:41 EST

On Wed, 11 Sep 2002 14:02:32 -0400
Bart Trojanowski <> wrote:

> The DEF_HASH_FUZZY macro allows the user to template their hash; it
> takes on a paramter for the hashing-function, namely HASHFN. When used
> with a hashing-function named anything other than 'hashfn()', a module
> using the kernel's fuzzy hash implementation will not compile.
> None of the in-kernel 2.4.x drivers use this primitive (yet) so it's no
> wonder no one has spotted it. The patch is very trivial and makes me
> think that I am the very first user of the include/linux/ghash.h
> hash-table primitive. ;)

That's why I was going to submit a patch to turf it out in 2.5.
2.5's include/hash.h provides a hashing function: did you really want ghash.h?


   there are those who do and those who hang on and you don't see too
   many doers quoting their contemporaries.  -- Larry McVoy
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