Re: [STATUS 2.5] September 18, 2002

From: William Lee Irwin III (
Date: Tue Sep 17 2002 - 23:29:33 EST

On Tue, Sep 17, 2002 at 11:59:02PM -0400, Guillaume Boissiere wrote:
> o Alpha VM large page support (Simon Winwood, Hubertus Franke)

I've been working with Hubertus Franke on a patch based on Simon
Winwood's original MPSS code with some design influence from Shimizu's
code. Shimizu Naohiko has also been involved in the effort, primarily
2.4.x-based patches. Also, Ingo Molnar (and possibly other
contributors) deserve priority as theirs was the first patch to provide
such functionality. Rohit Seth has also provided some large page
functionality already included in 2.5.x mainline.

Others may yet become involved.

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