[ANNOUNCE] v2.2.22-1-secure // [PATCH | PATCHSET | FULLKERNEL]

From: Marc-Christian Petersen (m.c.p@wolk-project.de)
Date: Wed Sep 18 2002 - 03:31:18 EST

Hi there,

I am proud to announce v2.2.22-1-secure. The well known -secure tree by me,
updated to the latest stable 2.2 kernel release, v2.2.22, released by Alan
Cox yesterday.

Since I do this kernel we've upgraded all our servers of our customers at my
company to this tree without any major or minor problems.
The servers vary from just beeing a mailserver for 5 workstations to highend
servers for ~ 3000 users beeing proxy-, smtp-, pop3-/imap-, file-, web-,
firewall-server and ipsec gate.

-> The intended purpose is for production/servers/firewalls <-

 o indicates work by me
 + indicates work by users

Changes in v2.2.22-1-secure:
o add: Port/Socket Pseudo ACLs v2.2.21-14
o add: VM buffer tuning
o add: Etherdivert
o add: 802.1d Ethernet Bridging v1.02
o add: Firewall for the ethernet bridge, using ipchains v1.02
o add: IPsec masquerading with IPVS
o add: Compiler optimizations for new subarches
+ add: UserIP Accounting v0.9c-rc1
o update: Openwall v2.2.21-ow2
o update: HAP for Openwall v2.2.21-ow2
o update: i2c v2.6.4
o update: lm-sensors v2.6.4
o update: Tekram DC395 SCSI Controller Driver v1.41
o update: FreeS/WAN v1.97 + x.509 v0.9.12

Changes in 2.2.21-3-secure:
o add: i2c v2.6.3
o add: lm-sensors v2.6.3
+ re-add: ReiserFS v3.5.35
+ add: ReiserFS v3.5.35 and ext3 v0.07a Coexistence Fix

Changes in 2.2.21-2-secure

o add: IDE Backport from 2.4.x (IDE-Ole) v2.2.21.05202002
o add: IP Virtual Server v1.08 for 2.2 Kernels
o add: Tekram DC395 SCSI Controller Driver v1.40
o update: Openwall and HAP to its newest Version
o removed: New IDE from Andre Hedrick in favor of IDE-Ole
o removed: ReiserFS Code

Changes in 2.2.21-1-secure
- Initial Release

o add: Openwall v2.2.20-ow1
o add: HAP for Openwall v2.2.20-ow1
o add: Stealth Networking
o add: RAID v2.2.20-raid 4 (Autodetect, Boot support (l/s) etc.
o add: Ext3 Filesystem Support v0.07a
o add: ReiserFS v3.5.35
o add: IFF Dynamic Patch
o add: PPPoE
o add: CryptoAPI (Kerneli) v2.2.18-3
o add: CIPE (Crypto IP Encapsulation)
o add: Extended Attributes and ACL for ext2 (EA v0.8.26/ACL v0.8.27)
o add: Some NIC Drivers:
                - COMPEX-RL100a / Winbond-W89c840 PCI Ethernet
                - Myson MTD803 PCI Ethernet
                - National Semiconductor DP8381x series PCI Ethernet
                - National Semiconductor DP8382x series PCI Ethernet
                - Sundance ST201 "Alta" PCI Ethernet
o add: Adaptec AIC7xxx v6.2.4 Driver
o add: Most Patches of the AA-Kernel v2.2.21pre2aa2 tree
o add: MPPE v0.9.5
o add: BIGMEM (highmem) to allocate Memory >1GB
o add: USAGI v20020513-2.2.20
o add: BadRAM / BadMEM v2.2.19B
o add: FreeS/WAN v1.97
o add: New IDE from Andre Hedrick

Release Info:
Date : 17th September, 2002
Time : 02:45 am CET
URL : http://sf.net/projects/wolk

8aabadc5fad3674f582f3c958840c6e4 linux-2.2.22-1-secure-fullkernel.tar.bz2
de97637ef79eb1160696e881bb21821c linux-2.2.22-1-secure-fullkernel.tar.gz
185fbaf768c1bc05a168f9e8ca2b920f linux-2.2.22-1-secure-patchset.tar.bz2
b585ea71d220e37240d818bc47ed1972 linux-2.2.22-1-secure-patchset.tar.gz
44a562b7f33b4df93fdd880a7f6af721 linux-2.2.22-1-secure.patch.bz2
6740cabcf4b1a47b51b96431cd442372 linux-2.2.22-1-secure.patch.gz



Thanks goes out to all the great developers who made this possible !!

Feedback welcome :) ... Have fun!

-- Kind regards Marc-Christian Petersen


PGP/GnuPG Key: 1024D/569DE2E3DB441A16 Fingerprint: 3469 0CF8 CA7E 0042 7824 080A 569D E2E3 DB44 1A16 Key available at www.keyserver.net. Encrypted e-mail preferred.

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