Hint benchmark reaches memory size limit on 4gb box

From: rwhron@earthlink.net
Date: Wed Sep 18 2002 - 09:13:24 EST

3.75 gb ram
4 gb swap on 2 disks
quad xeon

Running the FLOAT benchmark from
2.5.34-mm1 gave:

This run was memory limited at 31438643 subintervals -> -1894198156 bytes

The last I noticed, the process was around 2.6 GB.
The process grows over time as it needs memory.
It may have hit 3GB.

The version of hint is from the tarball's
source/serial/unix directory.

The goal is to combine several benchmarks for
a more rounded workload.

I could run 2 copies of Hint if this is a 3gb
userspace limit issue.

parts of the combined/concurrent benchmark:
1) hint (possibly FLOAT & LONGLONG together)
2) netperf -t TCP_RR # request/response
3) chat # 2 rooms with semi-long lived clients
4) postmark # 2 directories + lots of files
5) configure && make && make check GNU ed

Any suggestions?

Randy Hron

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