bttv driver problems on 2.4.19+

From: Javier Marcet (
Date: Wed Sep 18 2002 - 16:10:44 EST

I've been unable to succesfully use my bttv card on kernels >= 2.4.19
(last I tried was 2.4.20-pre5ac6).

I have yet to test some 2.4.18 kernel again. For the time being, though,
whether I remove all my other cards (see the attachments) or not, I
can't use it. Actually, I have two different bttv boards, one from Pinnacle
(PCTV Pro) and one from Hauppauge. Both fail.

I have used the kernel-integrated 0.7.x version of the bttv driiver and also
the 0.8.x branch, with and without v4l2 merged.

PS Although you'll see a lot of PCI cards in the attached logs, the result
is the same whatever slots I place the cards on (not only the bttv
boards, but all the PCI cards), and whether I remove all but the VGA, SCSI
& bttv cards, which I need to boot, or not.

Javier Marcet <>

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