NMI watchdog stability

From: Jonathan Lundell (linux@lundell-bros.com)
Date: Wed Sep 18 2002 - 18:55:13 EST

Back in March 2001, Keith Owens wrote and Andrew Morton replied:
At 4:47pm -0700 9/18/02, Jonathan Lundell wrote:
> >
>> Am I the only person who is annoyed that nmi watchdog is now off by
>> default and the only way to activate it is by a boot parameter? You
>> cannot even patch the kernel to build a version that has nmi watchdog
>> on because the startup code runs out of the __setup routine, no boot
>> parameter, no watchdog.
>It was causing SMP boxes to crash mysteriously after
>several hours or days. Quite a lot of them. Nobody
>was able to explain why, so it was turned off.

This was in the context of 2.4.2-ac21. More of the thread,with no
conclusive result, can be found at

Was there any resolution? Was the problem real, did it get fixed, and
is it safe to turn on the local-APIC-based NMI ticker on a 2.4.9 SMP
system? (I'm stuck with 2.4.9, actually Red Hat's 2.4.9-31, for
external reasons.) What was the nature of the mysterious crashes?


/Jonathan Lundell.
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