Re: [BENCHMARK] EXT3 vs EXT2 results with rmap14a and testing with contest 0.34

From: Andrew Morton (
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 01:32:19 EST

Andreas Dilger wrote:
> ...
> > Kernel Time CPU
> > 2.4.20-pre7-rmap14a-xfs-uml-shawn12d 325.39 82%
> > 2.4.20-pre7-rmap14a-xfs-uml-shawn12d 411.47 64%
> I don't see this as hugely surprising. ext3 uses more CPU than ext2.
> If you are using up the CPU doing other things, then naturally ext3
> will take a longer wall-clock time to complete the same tasks as ext2.

Yup. But here the CPU load is less; obviously some more seeking
was done. That's fairly normal for ext3 - it has to write the journal
as well as the filesystem....
> I know that Andrew has been doing a bunch of work to reduce ext3 CPU
> usage/locking/etc., but I think that is all in 2.5 kernels.

I had a little patch. Stephen is working on the big fix.
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