2.5.36-BK latest - Two Problems

From: Jordan Breeding (jordan.breeding@attbi.com)
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 02:03:41 EST


   I am currently having two minor problems with 2.5.36-BK. Here they are:

1) If I boot with nmi_watchdog=1 I get the following message:

activating NMI Watchdog ... done.
testing NMI watchdog ... CPU#0: NMI appears to be stuck!

     This has been happening ever since I switched over to an SMP Athlon
box (two Athlon MP chips) from an SMP PIII box. It would be nice to
have nmi_watchdog work on my athlon box. The box is a Tyan Thunder K7
if that helps, I can send any other information that would help with
this problem.

2) The last 2.5.xx kernel I tried before this was 2.5.33-mm5 which
worked pretty well. Now at boot up and shutdown I get a lot of messages
like the following:

cdrom: open failed.

     From what I can tell when the message happens the system seems to
be waiting on the cdrom and it always seems like my old scsi-1 Plextor
40x SCSI CD-ROM is making noise around then. This does not happen with
any other kernel that I use and my Yamaha SCSI scsi/mmc-3 drive does not
seem to be effected either, any ideas on what that could be?

   Please let me know if you need any information to figure out what is
going on with either of the above problems.

Jordan Breeding

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