[ANNOUNCE] [PATCH] Linux-2.5.36-mcp2

From: Marc-Christian Petersen (m.c.p@wolk-project.de)
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 04:46:28 EST

Hi there,

here we go, -mcp2 for 2.5.36 vanilla.

 o indicates new add/update
 - indicates removed

 Changes in 2.5.36-mcp2:
 o RCU (Read-Copy Update) for 2.5.36 + Fix (Dipankar Sarma)
 o real preempt <-> mmX fix (not a workaround :) (Robert Love)
      thnx to Steven Cole <elenstev@mesatop.com>
      for pointing me to the real fix :)
 o recognize MAP_LOCKED in mmap() call (Hubertus Franke)
 o core file naming (Jes Rahbek Klinke)
      This is in the WOLK series for a long time now
      and I really like this feature and want to see
      this in 2.5.xx mainline! :)
 o clean up RPC over TCP transport socket connect (Chuck Lever)
 o CPU-Frequency scaling for 2.5.36 (Dominik Brodowski)

 Changes in 2.5.36-mcp1:
 o 2.5.36-mm1 (Andrew Morton)
 o 2.5.35-lsm1 (Linux Security Module) (LSM Team)
 o 2.5.36 i2c core drivers module_init/exit cleanup (Albert Cranford)
 o 2.5.36 i2c new adapter id's (Albert Cranford)
 o 2.5.36 i2c new adapter i2c-pport driver (Albert Cranford)
 - XFS (now in 2.5.36, finally :))
 - thread-exec-fix-2.5.35-A5 (now in 2.5.36)
 - ebtables - Ethernet bridge tables (now in 2.5.36)
 - NTFS unresolved symbol fix (now in 2.5.36)

 Changes in 2.5.35-mcp1:
 o 2.5.35-mm1 (Andrew Morton)
 o ebtables - Ethernet bridge tables, for 2.5.35 (Bart De Schuymer)
 o XFS DMAPI compile fix (Thunder f. the hill)
 o ptrace breakage fix (2nd try :) (Ogawa Hirofumi)
 o thread-exec-fix-2.5.35-A5 (Ingo Molnar)
 o NTFS - module build - unresolved symbol fix (me)
 - INPUT Fixes (7/7) (for now in 2.5.35)

 Changes in 2.5.34-mcp4:
 o 2.5.34-mm4 (Andrew Morton)
 o ALSA v0.9.0rc3 (ALSA Team)
      thanks to Martin Loschwitz for re-integrating this
 o INPUT Fixes (7/7) (Vojtech Pavlik)
 o Preempt <-> -mmX workaround (Steven Cole)

 Changes in 2.5.34-mcp3:
 o 2.5.34-mm3 (Andrew Morton)

 Changes in 2.5.34-mcp2:
 o 2.5.34-mm2 (Andrew Morton)
 o Low level fb console driver for VGA text mode (Petr Vandrovec)
 o Entropy Fixes (11/11) (Oliver Xymoron)
 o Preempt - no more spurious warnings at reboot/halt (Robert Love)
 o IRQ-stack 4kb (Dave Hansen)
 - ftape damage fix (for now in -mm2)
 - floppy driver init/exit fixes (for now in -mm2)
 - devfs fix (for now in -mm2)
 - do_syslog__down_try lock lockup (for now in -mm2)
 - ALSA v0.9.0rc3
      causes non-compilable sound module with devfs

 Changes in 2.5.34-mcp1:
 o 2.5.34-mm1 (Andrew Morton)
 o ftape damage fix (Mikael Pettersson)
 o floppy driver init/exit fixes (Mikael Pettersson)
 o ALSA v0.9.0rc3 (ALSA Team)
 o XFS + KDB (2.5.33-20020908-cvs) (XFS Team)
 o aty128 Framebuffer fixes (Paul Mackerras)
 o devfs fix (Alexander Viro)
 o do_syslog__down_try lock lockup (Ingo Molnar)
 o pcibios_fixup_irqs-static (Adam J. Richter)
 o ext3 version information fix (me)
 o some tuning (me)
     - OPEN_MAX 1024
     - NR_FILE 65536
     - int sysctl_local_port_range[2] = { 1024, 9999 };

If anyone is interrested in seperated patches of each above I'll
make a patch SET also available!

5dd7281338b0414e10c192e8ff745fee *linux-2.5.36-mcp2.patch.bz2
238bcec8ec298654a343315f01c6de87 *linux-2.5.36-mcp2.patch.gz



Thanks goes out to all the great developers who made this possible !!

Feedback welcome :) ... Have fun!

-- Kind regards Marc-Christian Petersen


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