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From: Michael Duane (
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 10:22:57 EST

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> On Thu, 19 Sep 2002 09:49, Michael Duane wrote:
> > Who is the maintainer of CDCEther.c? I am having a problem
> > with packets getting "wedged" somewhere on the way out
> > and need to know if others have reported this problem.
> Others have reported probems that normally look something
> like "it works fine
> for some minutes to days, and then all connectivity stops,
> till I reboot or
> re-insert the module", but I can't duplicate. Does this match
> your problem?

No, this is quite different. It appears to be a function of packet
size. ping -s <size> <host> will generate packet loss up to 100
percent with any size of (86+(64*n)). All other values work fine.
tcpdump on the linux side sees multiple packet retries with
correct back-off timeing, but the network side never sees the
packet. Now for the odd part - any network activity on another
session to the same box will free the "wedged" packet and the
network will recieve the last packet sent in the linux retry

I don't know that it is in the CDCEther driver, but here are the
combinations I have tried:

    linux -> usb -> cdcether -> broadcom modem -> network : FAILS
    linux -> usb -> pegasus -> linksys adaptor -> 3com DOCSIS -> network : OKAY
    windows -> usb -> broadcom driver -> broadcom modem -> network : OKAY

> > I'm running the 2.4.17 kernel and using a Broadcom DOCSIS
> > modem based around a 3345.
> Most people have reported the problem with Via UHCI chipsets,
> and usb-uhci
> driver. Does this match your configuration?

I'm using usb-uhci with an Intel 810e2. I have tried the 2.4.19
kernel with the same results. This is a proprietary hardware platform
and I haven't been able to get the 2.5.36 kernel to boot yet.

> You might care to upgrade the kernel too.
> Brad
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