Re: 2.4 + generic HDLC update? Any ideas?

From: Francois Romieu (
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 14:17:38 EST

Krzysztof Halasa <> :
> - the other driver affected is DSCC4, but I know exactly nothing about
> it (a 2.5 version of it is, of course, available). What do you think,
> Francois?

dscc4 maintainer:
I use a code marrying the core 2.4.x dscc4 with a 2.5.x hdlc to test 2.5.x
dscc4. Thus no real extra load. Hdlc glue in current 2.4.x dscc4 does its
job but I wouldn't recommend it as a model for the newer generation.

dscc4 users:
Migration from specific scctool.c + sethdlc to single sethdlc. Definitely
a simpler life.

If users damn me, I'll surely meet someone from Infineon in hell to discuss
dscc4 :o)

- dscc4 not included in rh 2.4 last time I looked at it (I labelled it
- 2.4.18 mdk kills it using Krzysztof's post-2.4-didn't-make-2.5 (!) hdlc;
- don't know what the others do.

Imho dscc4 doesn't need to be taken too much in consideration regarding
2.4.x hdlc stack change.

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