Re: TPC-C benchmark used standard RH kernel

From: Dave Hansen (
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 16:48:59 EST

Bond, Andrew wrote:
> Don't have any data yet on 8-ways. Our focus for the cluster was
> 4-ways because those are what HP uses for most Oracle RAC
> configurations. We had done some testing last year that showed
> very bad scaling from 4 to 8 cpus (only around 10% gain), but that
> was in the days of 2.4.5. The kernel has come a long way from
> then, but like you said there is more work to do in the 8-way
> arena.
> Are the 8-way's you are talking about 8 full processors, or 4 with
> Hyperthreading?

The machines that I was talking about are normal 8 full processors.
   They're only PIII's, so we don't even have the option.

Dave Hansen

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