Re: Dont understand hdc=ide-scsi behaviour.

From: Allan Duncan (
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 19:04:15 EST

Reg Clemens wrote:
> I dont understand the behaviour of kernel 2.4.18 (and probably all others) when
> I put the line
> hdc=ide-scsi
> on the load line.
> I would EXPECT to get the ide-scsi driver for hdc (my cdwriter) but instead
> get it for BOTH hdc and hdd, the cdwriter and the zip drive.
> After starting this way (with hdc=ide-scsi), I find that
> /dev/cdrom2 -> /dev/scd0
> and that to access the zip drive I have to use /dev/sda1 (or /dev/sda4)
> I would EXPECT to get to them via /dev/hdd1 or /dev/hdd4.
> Did I miss something or is this a bug????

I presume you are putting the "hdc=ide-scsi" as a kernel param.
I do similarly, EXCEPT the CDwriter is on its own IDE bus.
I suspect that the hdc=ide-scsi thing will apply to both master and slave
on an IDE channel - whether that is intended/mandated I can't say.
If you move the zip to hdb all should be well, or buy an IDE PiC and get
more channels if you have run out.
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