Re: [BUG] x86_udelay_tsc not honoring notsc

From: Martin J. Bligh (
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 23:00:09 EST

>> Does this help (on top of John's TSC patch in rollup 0)?
> Nope. But I believe I found the root cause: it apparently takes
> long enough to kick all the cpus the NMI oopser goes off during
> one of the many long ints-off sections in the bootstrap phase. My
> burning question now is why this only showed up in 2.5.36. Somehow
> I mistook a rather blatant (c.f. SIGEMT) NMI oops for TSD %cr4 #GP.
> I'm going to guess the NMI oopser was not eager enough to trip
> beforehand and recent changes repaired that. Is this close?
> If so, it's probably not worth mucking around with the bootstrap
> sequence to deal with something this minor. It's not like it can
> be mistaken for having hung, as console output is very consistent.
> Maybe we should give NUMA-Q a couple of minutes instead of 5s?

Nah, just recode the boot sequence to make them all boot in
parallel ;-)


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