Re: Dont understand hdc=ide-scsi behaviour.

From: Brad Hards (
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 02:59:03 EST

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WARNING: this email is even more clueless than my normal posting standard.

On Sat, 21 Sep 2002 00:46, Miles Lane wrote:
> Well, aren't things going to get even more confusing when we
> try to support devices like the Lacie DVD/CD Rewritable
> combo drive? Are we going to do a better job of simply making
> all usable interfaces available, so we no longer need to switch
> between drivers or twiddle driver load order?

Don't know the product, but I take it that this is a single IDE drive that can
read and write CDs, and read (and perhaps write) DVDs? If you want to write,
use ide-scsi+sg+scd, else just use ide-cdrom.

Until we have another userspace and kernel combination for writing, you are
stuck with cdrecord and sg. It'd be an vaguelly interesting exercise to have
a CD burning app that worked natively with ide-cdrom, but I have about a
million more important things to do before I'd start on that :)

If anyone is interested in coding this, what I'd really like to see is a CD
burning library that works with sg and ide-cdrom. You'd probably need to
modify ide-cdrom - I have no real idea about ATAPI or any other block device.

Then we could move away from GUIs that are really all just running the same
command line application, and get some more interesting handling going.


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