Re: 100,000 threads? [was: [ANNOUNCE] Native POSIX Thread Library 0.1]

From: Bill Davidsen (
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 10:47:22 EST

On Fri, 20 Sep 2002, Ingo Molnar wrote:

> the extreme high-end of threading typically uses very controlled
> applications and very small user level stacks.
> as to the question of why so many threads, the answer is because we can :)
> This, besides demonstrating some of the recent scalability advances, gives
> us the warm fuzzy feeling that things are right in this area. I mean,
> there are architectures where Linux could map a petabyte of RAM just fine,
> even though that might not be something we desperately need today.

I think testing at these high numbers is a good proof of scalability,
although response and stability are also important. Before I went to NGPT
I had a fair bit of problem with learning experiences after threads got
beyond 200 or so.

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