Re: Syscall changes registers beyond %eax, on linux-i386

From: Richard Henderson (
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 12:16:36 EST

On Fri, Sep 20, 2002 at 08:27:32AM -0400, Richard B. Johnson wrote:
> Adding 1 to %eax is plain dumb.

No it isn't. P4 has a partial register stall on the
flags register when using incl. You'll notice that
we *do* use incl except when optimizing for P4.

> Also that 1 is 4 bytes long.

No it isn't. There is an 8-bit signed immediate form.

As for the rest of the memory operand rant, the problem
is not that gcc won't try to use memory operands, it's
that the bit of code that's supposed to put these
memory operands back together is like 10 years old and
hasn't been taught about the memory aliasing subsystem.
So any time it sees a memory load cross a memory store,
it gives up.

Perhaps I'll have this fixed for gcc 3.4.

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