Re: [PATCH] kernel 2.4.19 & 2.5.38 - coredump sysctl

From: Andrew Morton (
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 15:59:39 EST

Michael Sinz wrote:
> coredump name format control via sysctl
> Provides for a way to securely move where core files show up and to
> set the name pattern for core files to include the UID, Program,
> Hostname, and/or PID of the process that caused the core dump.

Seems a reasonable thing to want to do.

> ...
> %P The Process ID (current->pid)
> %U The UID of the process (current->uid)
> %N The command name of the process (current->comm)
> %H The nodename of the system (system_utsname.nodename)
> %% A "%"
> For example, in my clusters, I have an NFS R/W mount at /coredumps
> that all nodes have access to. The format string I use is:
> sysctl -w "kernel.core_name_format=/coredumps/%H-%N-%P.core"

Does it need to be this fancy? Why not just have:

        if (core_name_format is unset)
                use "core"
                use core_name_format/nodename-uid-pid-comm.core

which saves all that string format processing, while giving
people everything they could want?
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