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From: Srinivas Chavva (chavvasrini@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 17:55:06 EST

I installed RedHat Linux 7.3 on my system. When I
entered as the root and typed "uname -r' I got the
kernel version as 2.4.18.
When I executed the command "rpm -q kernel-headers
kernel-source" I got a message
"package:kernel-headers not installed
package: kernel-source not installed".
So I downloaded the kernel, unpacked it, configured
the kernel, compiled it with no no problems. I stored
the bzImage into the /boot directory as linux-2.4.18
and edited the lilo.conf file by adding this as the
image. Then I compiled the lilo.conf file. I got no
When I rebooted the system and selected the kernel
linux-2.4.18 I got the following errors and my system
got hanged.
The errors are as follows
/etc/rc.sysinit: /var/log/dmesg: No such file or
/etc/rc.sysinit: /var/log/ksyms.o: No such file or
INIT: Entering run level:3
Updating /etc/fstab execvp: No such file or directory
Checking for new hardware
/etc/rc3.d/S05Kudzu:/usr/sbin/kudzu: No such file or
touch:creating '/var/lock/subsys/kudzu': No such file
or directory
After this my system got hanged. I was able to log in
to the original linux kernel but this kernel
linux-2.4.18 is not working.
I wanted to know what the error was due to and how to
use the kernel linux-2.4.18 bec when I configured and
compiled the kernel there were no errors.
Thanking You.
Srinivas Chavva

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