Re: [chatroom benchmark version 1.0.1] Results

From: Paolo Ciarrocchi (
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 17:58:28 EST

Hi all,
I'm back with the results of the following script:
> `uname -r`_total.results
for i in `seq 1 1 10`
        ./chat_c 30 1000 9999 >>`uname -r`_total.results
grep Average `uname -r`_total.results | awk '{tot+=$4}; END {print "Average throughput: " tot/NR " messages per second"}' > `uname -r`.average

Here the results:
2.5.33-preemption.average:Average throughput: 60943.9 messages per second
2.5.33.average:Average throughput: 61779.8 messages per second
2.5.36-preemption.average:Average throughput: 60877.2 messages per second
2.5.36.average:Average throughput: 60858.7 messages per second
2.5.37-preemption.average: Average throughput: 61896.1 messages per second



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