Re: CONFIG_MULTIQUAD has got to go...

From: Martin J. Bligh (
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 20:50:20 EST

> Linus,
> The CONFIG_MULTIQUAD option has bothered me for a while now. It actually covers the jobs of 3 config options, 2 of which exist.
> This patch splits the use of CONFIG_MULTIQUAD into the 3 config options that it really means:
> CONFIG_X86_NUMA: General X86 NUMA code (already exists)
> CONFIG_X86_NUMAQ: Code specific to just the NUMA-Q platform (already exists)
> CONFIG_CLUSTERED_APIC: Code that specifically deals with clustered APIC mode (new option)
> The patch replaces every occurence of CONFIG_MULTIQUAD in the kernel, save 1 (arch/i386/pci/Makefile), which is remedied by the patch I will send momentarily.
> Please apply.

As the person who put this in there in the first place ... then
extended it beyond any sane use ... I agree this should die ;-)
The new naming scheme makes much more sense ...


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