Re: [ANNOUNCE] Native POSIX Thread Library 0.1

From: Ingo Molnar (
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 23:58:15 EST

On Fri, 20 Sep 2002, Bill Huey wrote:

> Also throwing a signal to get the ucontext is pretty a expensive way of
> getting it. But you folks know this already. [...]

as i've mentioned in the previous mail, 2.5.35+ kernels have a very fast
SIGSTOP/SIGCONT implementation, which change was done as part of this
project - a few orders faster than throwing/catching SIGUSR1 to every
single thread for example.

so right now we first need to get some results back about how big the GC
problem is with the new SIGSTOP/SIGCONT implementation. If it's still not
fast enough then we still have a number of options.


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