From: Marc-Christian Petersen (m.c.p@wolk-project.de)
Date: Sun Sep 22 2002 - 15:35:41 EST

Hi there,

this is v3.6 FINAL of WOLK. This is the last release of the 3.x series!

Here we go, Changelog from v3.5 -> v3.6

 o indicates work by WOLK Developers (almost me)
 + indicates work by WOLK Users

+ add: SuperPage Support for alpha, sparc64 and x86
                 This is an EXPERIMENTAL PATCH. Apply manually! Nr. 990

o add: SCSI-Idle for v2.4.19 + SCSI Idle Daemon in WOLK-Tools package

o add: oom_killer updates from v2.4.19 final

o add: some another ext3 additions from v2.4.20-pre5

o add: VFS Soft/Hard-Limit of FileDescriptors

o add: ebtables v2.0

+ fixed: USB v2.4.19 compile problems / missing definitions

+ fixed: BlueTooth v2.4.19 compile problems / missing definitions

+ fixed: Some Config dependencies for ISDN / USB Stuff

o fixed: LSM compile problems. totally conflicts with CTX(vserver)

o fixed: One AIO reversed #ifdef -> #ifndef

o fixed: Forgot to add "gr_is_capable(cap)" to #ifndef CONFIG_LSM
                 This broke capabilities to add/remove with grsecurity!

o update: MIPL Mobile IPv6 v0.9.4

o update: Bridge with Netfilter firewalling v0.0.7

o update: ACPI (Sep 18th, 2002) (use pci=noacpi when you have problems)

o update: e2compression v0.4.43

o update: SOFFIC (Secure On-the-Fly File Integrity Checker) v0.1

o update: Crypto v2.4.19-1
                 includes new options:
                 - 3DES cipher (64bit blocksize)
                 - GOST cipher (64bit blocksize)
                 - NULL cipher (NO CRYPTO)
                 - RIPEMD160 digest
                 - SHA256 digest
                 - SHA384 digest
                 - SHA512 digest
                 - Atomic Loop Crypto
                 - Loop IV hack
                 - Loop Crypto Debugging
                 - IPSEC tunneling (ipsec_tunnel) support

o update: Compressed Cache v0.24-pre4
o update: HTB v3.6-020525
o update: grsecurity v1.9.7 final
                 + gradm v1.5 final in the WOLK-tools package
o update: IBM's NGPT2 (Next Generation Posix Threading 2) v2.0.2
o update: htree ext3 directory indexing 2.4.19-3-dxdir
o update: UML - User-Mode-Linux v2.4.18-53

o update: NTFS Filesystem Driver v2.1.0a

o update: XFree v4.2.0 DRM/DRI Drivers from 2.4.20-preX-acX tree
o update: JFS v1.0.22

o update: Intel EtherExpress PRO/100 Support (Alternate Driver) v2.1.6
o update: Intel EtherExpress PRO/1000 Gigabit NIC Support v4.3.2

o update: i810/i815 Framebuffer Device Driver v0.0.33
o change: CTX12 (Virtual private servers and security contexts)
                 and disable vservers if grsecurity is selected (breaks gradm)

o removed: some ext3 additions
                 (causes system locking at high disk i/o)

Release Info:
Date : 22th September, 2002
Time : 11:45 pm CET
URL : http://sf.net/projects/wolk

abbb41870e7f2d68894ad254ee04379c *linux-2.4.18-wolk3.5-to-3.6.patch.bz2
31a52bd394478c023103331909e86c6d *linux-2.4.18-wolk3.5-to-3.6.patch.gz
4325558fed5d3d34ead1f0e701dfb576 *linux-2.4.18-wolk3.6-fullkernel.tar.bz2
2f79315cf6977b749f0e3be3742d218b *linux-2.4.18-wolk3.6-fullkernel.tar.gz
2e84031f07a0958a2de8e71276cb4552 *linux-2.4.18-wolk3.6-patch.patch.bz2
61178792c7eb21e01bebf60535caf244 *linux-2.4.18-wolk3.6-patch.patch.gz
2efd7753fc31a86fa39b87df38fc78c7 *linux-2.4.18-wolk3.6-patchset.tar.bz2
b12c6147b97b03bb34ff4bc9a8f27d31 *linux-2.4.18-wolk3.6-patchset.tar.gz

Have fun!

Kind regards
        Marc-Christian Petersen


PGP/GnuPG Key: 1024D/569DE2E3DB441A16 Fingerprint: 3469 0CF8 CA7E 0042 7824 080A 569D E2E3 DB44 1A16 Key available at www.keyserver.net. Encrypted e-mail preferred.

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