Re: [BENCHMARK] Corrected gcc3.2 v gcc2.95.3 contest results

From: Richard B. Johnson (
Date: Mon Sep 23 2002 - 08:15:41 EST

On Mon, 23 Sep 2002, Erik Andersen wrote:

> On Mon Sep 23, 2002 at 08:30:21PM +1000, Con Kolivas wrote:
> > Yes you make a very valid point and something I've been stewing over privately
> > for some time. contest runs benchmarks in a fixed order with a "priming" compile
> > to try and get pagecaches etc back to some sort of baseline (I've been trying
> > hard to make the results accurate and repeatable).
> It would sure be nice for this sortof test if there were
> some sort of a "flush-all-caches" syscall...
> -Erik

I think all you need to do is reload the code-segment register
and you end up flushing caches in ix86.

# This forces a cache-line refill by reloading the code-segment
# segment register. This would normally slow things down. However,
# if I put this at the start of a procedure that suffers a cache-line
# refill within the procedure, it is possible to speed things up.
.section .text
.global cflush
.type cflush,@function

cflush: pushl %cs # Put code segment on the stack
        pushl $goto # Put offset on the stack
        lret # Do a 'long' return (reloads cs)
goto: ret

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