Re: Syscall changes registers beyond %eax, on linux-i386

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Mon Sep 23 2002 - 13:31:57 EST


> > > It's a problem with a 'general purpose' compiler that wants to
> > > be "all things" to all people. If somebody made a gcc-compatible
> > > compiler, tuned to the ix86 characteristics, I think we could
> > > cut the extra instructions by at least 1/2, maybe more.
> >
> > Remember pgcc?
> >
> > And btw cutting instructions by 1/2might look nice but unless you can
> > keep it as fast as it was, its useless.
> > Pavel
> > --
> Yes, but to see the affect of cutting down the instruction length, you
> need to make benchmarks that emulate running 'forever'. Many bench-

Specs contain things like perl and gcc, those are I believe far too
big to be put entirely into cache and emulate "Real Life" quite


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