Re: What's left over.

From: Craig I. Hagan (
Date: Fri Nov 01 2002 - 03:23:28 EST

> Talk is cheap.
> I've not seen a _single_ bug-report with a fix that attributed the
> existing LKCD patches. I might be more impressed if I had.
> The basic issue is that we don't put patches in in the hope that they will
> prove themselves later. Your argument is fundamentally flawed.

comment from userspace:

I'm going to have to side with Linus here despite my desire to see LKCD merged.
However, we need to show him the money. This means:

        * making sure that the patches are kept up to date

        * keep the LKCD patches in the list/community spotlight in a positive
                manner ("please test this!", or "please use this when
                looking for help debugging a system problem"). Perhaps
                a 2.5.x-lkcd bk tree or something like that.

        * make documentation/HOWTO's available for folks so that
                they'll know how to generate a crashdump
                and run a some utilities against it to generate
                a synopsis which can be submitted for debugging

        * most important: squash a whole lot of bugs with
                said dumps!

If it becomes apparent through empirical data that crash dumps are a useful
tool, I'm sure that Linus will become far more amenable. Until then, lets let
him handle all of his other work which needs to get done.

-- craig

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                            Craig I. Hagan

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