Re: Dedicated kernel bug database

From: John Bradford (
Date: Thu Dec 19 2002 - 14:52:29 EST

> > >It could warn the user if they attach an un-decoded oops that their
> > >bug report isn't as useful as it could be, and if they mention a
> > >distribution kernel version, that it's not a tree that the developers
> > >will necessarily be familiar with
> > Perhaps a more generalized hook into bugzilla for 'validating' a bug
> > report, then code specific validators for kernel work?
> Its a nice idea, but I think it's a lot of effort to get it right,
> when a human can look at the dump, realise its not decoded, and
> send a request back in hardly any time at all.

Somebody still has to answer it - loads of mails to LKML go unanswered
because people are spending their time coding instead of reading the
list, (which is good).

> I also don't trust things like this where if something goes wrong,
> we could lose the bug report.

How? I don't see as that is more likely than with Bugzilla. Anyway,
loads of LKML posts get ignored, and nobody seems to worry about it :-).

> People are also more likely to ping-pong ,argue or "how do I..."
> with a human than they are with an automated robot.

The idea is that the bug database does a sanity check on their bug
report. It still gets entered in to the database, but it would return
something like:


You submitted a bug to the bug database. Please note the following:

* You mentioned kernel version foobar. This appears to be a vendor
kernel, not an official kernel tree. Your distribution maintainers
might be more appropriate people to contact

* You included an undecoded oops - this is probably useless. Please
read the FAQ.

Thanks for using the bug database. Your bug has been assigned to

I don't see any way of making Bugzilla do all the things I described
originally, specifically the advanced tracking of versions tested.
That could help to find duplicates, which is a big problem when you
have 1000+ bugs.

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