Tulip problem with linux > 2.5.56

From: Felipe Contreras (al593181@mail.mty.itesm.mx)
Date: Thu Jan 16 2003 - 00:39:33 EST


I keep getting these errors after a random while, somethinmes I don't.

NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0: transmit timed out

I use the tulip driver and my card is a Conexant LANfinity. I use
fullduplex and it always worked fine. But since the latest kernels,
possibly since 2.5.54 I get those errors and the card is not usable

I'm not sure since when started the errors. I'm sure in 2.5.56 and 2.5.58
it happened.

I'll try to check if something happends with halfduplex.

Felipe Contreras
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