Promise SuperTrak SX6000 w/ kernel 2.4.20

From: Sebastian Zimmermann (
Date: Thu Jan 16 2003 - 05:27:39 EST


we are using a Promise SuperTrak RAID controller together with the
integrated i2o-drivers in the linux kernel 2.4.18. Everything works fine
so far.

Now we wanted to upgrade to kernel 2.4.20. Configuration was unchanged.
But now the system hangs at boot time:

When the IDE driver is loaded, it finds the system disk /dev/hda just
like before. But with 2.4.20 the IDE driver also finds disks /dev/hde,
/dev/hdf and so on which belong to the raid system. At this point many
"interrupt lost" messages appear on the screen and the system hangs. It
never gets far enough to load i2o.

Any ideas?



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