Re: any brand recomendation for a linux laptop ?

From: Daniel Egger (
Date: Thu Jan 16 2003 - 11:14:13 EST

Am Don, 2003-01-16 um 16.37 schrieb Jan-Benedict Glaw:

> > I like the T23 myself. Wireless, ethernet, modem, DVD, fast.

> Serial modem, or some winmodem type? I'd prefer to have a "real" modem,
> though...

FWIW I prefer Apple notebooks, not only because they feature all of
these but are also cheaper, not so heavy and last much longer on
battery. And one gets easily addicted to the look and the nifty features
(like Gigabit ethernet, size, screen dimensions, keyboard, DVI, DVD
burner [in no particular order]). The current models (modulo the newly
introduced ones two weeks ago) are working nicely including a real
powersafe mode; the new PowerBooks will probably cause troubles because
of the $"%%$ NVidia GPU....

I do have a PowerBook G4 500 and a brandnew iBook 800, the former now
lasting longer than any other notebook I've ever had (Compaq, Toshiba,


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