Re: 2.4.19, don't "hdparm -I /dev/hde" if hde is on a Asus A7V133 Promise ctrlr, or...

From: Ookhoi (
Date: Thu Jan 16 2003 - 13:54:44 EST

Tomas Szepe wrote (ao):
> Clearly Promise is the one storage vendor whose products are best
> avoided.

This is something I read on lkml a few years ago, and since then now and
> Andre, could you give a recommendation on what add-on IDE controllers
> are not junk hardware and will work nicely with Linux? 'Cos I can't
> seem to remember seeing anything in the shelves other than Promise or
> CMD64X/68X.

What about 3Ware? I have good experience with these and they are aware
of linux.
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