Detecting changes in a directory tree

From: Jeroen van Disseldorp (
Date: Thu Jan 16 2003 - 13:58:36 EST


For an application I'm writing I need to know if files in a certain
directory tree were modified and/or deleted by another process. I
assume that that tree is mounted on the machine that my app is running
on. The device it has mounted on can be a local HD, but it can also be
hosted remotely and mounted over nfs.

I know of FAM, but this is documented to only watch a directory 1 level
deep, and I need the whole tree to be monitored. Does anyone know a
solution for this? Does the kernel provide facilities for this?

(Please send me replies directly or via CC, as I am not subscribed to
the kernel mailinglist)

  Jeroen van Disseldorp

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