Re: [BK PATCH] USB changes for 2.5.58

From: Greg KH (
Date: Thu Jan 16 2003 - 15:25:06 EST

On Thu, Jan 16, 2003 at 03:14:39PM -0500, Bill Davidsen wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Greg KH wrote:
> Would it be possible to post patches in general instead of pointing to bk:
> links? Some people can't use bk and would like the patches (legal opinion,
> not technical issues).

All usb patches that are sent to Marcelo and Linus are posted to the
linux-usb-devel mailing list as responses to the BK posting. I'm not
sending them to lkml as that would just be annoying to the 99% of the
people on there.

I also put the patches sent in patch form in the:

Is that sufficient for those not willing/able to use bk?


greg k-h
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