unresolved symbols building 2.5.59

From: Robert P. J. Day (rpjday@mindspring.com)
Date: Fri Jan 17 2003 - 10:57:32 EST

tail end of "make modules_install":

if [ -r System.map ]; then /sbin/depmod -ae -F System.map 2.5.59; fi
depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.5.59/kernel/drivers/i2c/i2c-proc.ko
depmod: i2c_check_functionality
depmod: i2c_smbus_xfer
depmod: i2c_check_addr
depmod: i2c_adapter_id
depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.5.59/kernel/fs/cramfs/cramfs.ko
depmod: zlib_inflate
depmod: zlib_inflate_workspacesize
depmod: zlib_inflateInit_
depmod: zlib_inflateReset
depmod: zlib_inflateEnd

  the first one seems to be i2c-proc looking for symbols in i2c-core,
which i selected and which was built.

  the second seems to be that cramfs needs zlib_inflate, which once
again i selected and which was built.

  beyond that, i'm not sure how to further debug these.


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