Minor header bug? MIPS (32-bit) nlink_t sign

From: Jamie Lokier (jamie@shareable.org)
Date: Fri Jan 17 2003 - 22:34:35 EST

Linux/MIPS32 is unusual in that its type of nlink_t is signed. In the
header <asm-mips64/posix_types.h>, the 32-bit compatibility type for
nlink_t is defined as unsigned. Perhaps this is because the MIPS
64-bit nlink_t is always unsigned.

Which header is correct - and which should be changed for consistency -
<asm-mips/posix_types.h> or <asm-mips64/posix_types.h>?

Stephen, I guess you have already figured this out with your recent
32-bit compatibility cleanup?

-- Jamie
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