Re: i810_audio problems

From: Siim Vahtre (
Date: Sat Jan 18 2003 - 02:41:49 EST

On 17 Jan 2003, Matthew J. Fanto wrote:
> I'm having problems with the i810_audio driver and the ICH3 chipset.
> When playing audio, it skips VERY badly. After stopping the audio, I get
> the message:
> drain_dac, dma timeout?

I've also noticed similar problems. Sometimes when I reboot I end up
having no sound coming from the speakers at all and when I try to play
something then the player either hangs(mplayer) or starts to skip
seconds(mp3blaster) (0:00, 0:07, 0:21 ..etc)

Rebooting the computer sevelar times will eventually fix it. Reloading
the module doesn't seem to help, however.

2.4.{18;19;20} vanilla kernels all had that problem, now on 2.5.59 I
haven't noticed it (yet?).

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