Re: 2.5.59 change broke modules

From: Mike Galbraith (
Date: Sat Jan 18 2003 - 04:07:55 EST

At 06:11 PM 1/17/2003 -0600, Kai Germaschewski wrote:
>On Fri, 17 Jan 2003, Mikael Pettersson wrote:
> > This oops occurs for every module, not just af_packet.ko, at
> > resolve_symbol()'s first call to __find_symbol().
>Okay, the details I received so far seem to indicate that the appended
>patch will fix it, though I didn't get actual confirmation it does.
>If you experience crashes when loading modules (and have RH 8 binutils),
>please give it a shot.

Works fine with (not RH) and 2.13.2, both of which failed



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