[PATCH] allow rename to "--bind"-mounted filesystem

From: Eric Lammerts (eric@lammerts.org)
Date: Sat Jan 18 2003 - 18:34:59 EST

I just discovered that rename(2) does not allow you to rename a file within
the same filesystem if there is a "--bind" in the way. For example:

# mkdir mydir
# mount --bind . mydir
# touch myfile
# strace -erename perl -e 'rename "myfile", "mydir/myfile2"'
rename("myfile", "mydir/myfile2") = -1 EXDEV (Invalid cross-device link)

IMHO it should be possible to do a rename in this situation.

I propose to remove the check in do_rename() altogether. It shouldn't be
necessary, since there's also a check for a cross-device rename in
vfs_rename_dir() and vfs_rename_other().

Patch below has been tested.


--- linux-2.4.21-pre3/fs/namei.c.orig 2003-01-18 23:56:46.000000000 +0100
+++ linux-2.4.21-pre3/fs/namei.c 2003-01-18 23:57:30.000000000 +0100
@@ -1860,10 +1860,6 @@
         if (error)
                 goto exit1;
- error = -EXDEV;
- if (oldnd.mnt != newnd.mnt)
- goto exit2;
         old_dir = oldnd.dentry;
         error = -EBUSY;
         if (oldnd.last_type != LAST_NORM)
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