Re: [INTEL PII BUG] Still SMBALERT# spontaneous shutdown on VAIO Serie F

From: Florent CHANTRET (
Date: Sun Jan 19 2003 - 04:49:13 EST


I've already updated my bios to the last revision but Sony give a poor
support to those customers. I won't buy a VAIO anymore !

As I've read on the website spokin' about VAIO problems, the problem seems
to be connected to that, but yes, why not, it could be the SMI handler too.
I only know that the sotware could solve it antd that's one of the several
power of Linux other Windows.


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> >Still having the problem of the spontaneous shutdown on a VAIO serie F
> >laptop due to a bug in the thermal sensor of the PII celeron. There is no
> >ACPI, nor APM, nor I2C / SMBus builded in the kernel.
> >
> >
> Are you sure that the shutdown is connected to the errata?
> The system shutdown is probably triggered by the BIOS SMI handler - SMI
> can interrupt the linux kernel, and the bios takes over control of the
> system.
> Are there any bios upgrades for laptop?
> --
> Manfred

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